Saturday, 9 January 2016

Modern Sis Adventures: Walk at Wollaton Park

There's something about being outside in the midst of nature that I find quite calming. I spent most of my days around a lot of people and where there's a lot of noise. My days are quite busy and I anticipate they will only get busier, so at least once a week, I like to escape somewhere for the afternoon by myself. Somewhere quiet where I can just chill and reflect on recent events.

This afternoon I went to one of my favourite places for a nice walk, Wollaton Park. There's so much to see there and it really is beautiful. I was in awe with the scenery around the lake and as I was walking towards the hall. Although there were quite a number of couples and families with their children, walking around the park, it was still very peaceful.

I spent some time talking to God and He brought to my attention a situation that I had recently gone through. Without realizing, the way that I was looking at certain things and even holding back doing certain things, showed that I was still carrying hurt within me from that situation and that I had not really let go, even though I had convinced myself that I had. God made me to see that my actions and reactions as well as the feelings I was harboring inside of me, was a sign it was still affecting me. I had to really let go. At that moment I decided to do just that, a simple decision and action that blessed the rest of the day.

It wasn't just simply praying about it and thinking it was done and dusted, but after the prayer, changing the way I saw the situation, acting against my feelings, doing the opposite to what I wanted to do which was to continue holding on to the feelings and justifying myself!

Here are some pictures I took whilst on my walk.


  1. Evidently, you had a nice walk-in-the-Nature. Got you high, didn't it? Good. Now, the trick is to build in yourself, in you Soul, your innermost self, a place where you can retire & dwell at peace and quiet at any time even while you ride the Metro or sit in your car at the red light, in the middle of the city where you live & work.

    1. I totally agree! There's no greater peace than the peace within.