Friday, 1 January 2016

Modern Sis Adventures: Walk at Bestood Country Park

 Welcome to a New Year!

Many people are excited about entering a New Year. They see it as an opportunity to make new goals and resolutions, kick bad habits, invest in a healthier lifestyle and start a new chapter in their career. For others, it's just another event in the calendar!

During the last week of December, I took time out to reflect on the year; things I had achieved, things I didn't achieve and looking at why that was.

I really looked deep within me to see what baggage I was carrying that caused problems for me in 2015 and which attitudes and behaviors I was holding on to that could be detrimental in achieving some of the goals I have planned for 2016.

I also analyzed certain environments and friendships that I needed to let go of, which were not doing me any good or not adding anything to my life in any way! It was a painful truth I had to face but making the decisions I made will surely make way for new things, new attitudes and behaviors, new friendships and experiences in 2016.

During the holidays I have been spending time at my mom's house with my siblings. While they were sleeping I decided to take a walk to the local country park. I ended up spending 2 and a half hours there, by myself; walking, talking with God, and having that moment of solitude that I needed to reflect on my life.

I was reminded of childhood memories of cross country running at the same park while at school as my high school is just behind the country park.

Here are some pictures I managed to take while I was on my walk.

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