Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Making time for ourselves

In order to invest in ourselves, we have to make time for US! Proper time to get to know ourselves. Today I did just that.

I made time to write 27 qualities, yes 27 qualities, that I possess. It's something I did a few years ago, which was actually an initiative given to us in the Godllywood, which is a group at my church which works exclusively with women.

I was getting ready this morning and it came to my mind to do it again, so on my commute to work l, started my list.

 At the beginning, I found it quite hard (ironic how we can quickly find faults but not good points), but after number 8, qualities were popping up like popcorn lol.

By knowing my qualities, I know myself and can work on developing them to become better.

I decided to take time out at lunchtime and have a good walk along the canal to reflect on my qualities and think of ways to develop them further.

Rather than just always looking at other people or looking at ourselves through their eyes, dwelling on our flaws, what we don't have or who we haven't yet become,  we should focus on and nurture the good qualities we  already have, which will inevitably  help us to grow and eventually we'll acquire more qualities and become the person we've always wanted to be.


Monday, 21 November 2016

Investing in ourselves

Yesterday while I was doing some housework and listening to an audio message I started thinking about how essential self-investment really is.

Ladies (and gents) it's time we invested more in ourselves. 

Many times we invest more in things or for others to like and appreciate us without realizing that when we invest in ourselves, we don't even need to chase these things, they'll naturally happen. The confidence, audacity, development and growth in us will attract people and opportunities to our lives.

On this journey to investing more in myself, I'll be sharing with you certain things I have been doing to better myself and develop as a person.