Monday, 6 July 2015

My American Adventure: Weekend in Brooklyn part 2

The shop was nothing like what I had imagined. It was quite big and spacious with a lot of designer gear. I saw Dolce and Gabanna and Chloe items being sold for $395 then All Saints leather jackets being sold for $425. In my mind I honestly thought "are they really going to be interested in my H&M, New Look, River Island and even Primark clothes that I am selling?"

There is a sign in sheet and once you've signed it you wait for your name to be called. One of the sales assistants' will then go through all your stuff and price them individually. Whatever price they choose to sell the items for, we receive 50%.

I didn't carry any identification with me which I needed to sell the items, so they told me that I had to come back. By then it was only 2.30pm and the store closed at 7pm, so I decided to back to Long Island to get my passport plus additional items that came to my mind. I knew if I didn't do it today I wouldn't do it this week because I will be at the United Nations for two days and working the other days. This was really the only time I had free to sell the items.

I made the journey back to Long Island and returned to Williamsburg. By the time I arrived  so many people had been to sell their clothes. There were people in front of me with suitcases full of clothes and shoes that they wanted to sell. I had to wait a good 20-30 minutes before I was called.

I was impressed with the prices they gave me for my items and what I received as a total amount. Some of the items were priced at the same price that I actually paid for them.

I'm glad I found this place and didn't just flea them off at a market for a really low price.

I walked around the area and saw a lot of street art that my sister would be interested in. There were a lot of jewelry stands and people selling wooden carved items and personal items on the street.

The thing I didn't like about the area was the uncleanness of the streets. It was so untidy with garbage bags everywhere. I don't know if it's because they're a lot of bars and cafes around, but even on the residential side, it was was untidy. It reminded me of Hyson Green and I could only think how many rats infest this place lol.
The area is nice for those who like art, vintage clothes and want to try different bars and cafes, but I couldn't live in the area, no way!

I went to East River State Park and sat close to the rocks by the river. It was a beautiful atmosphere and as I looked across the river I could see Manhattan. I read my Bible, had a good moment to reflect and just chilled listening to music. I watched the sunset for a bit too.

I noticed a wallet had been left close to me. When I looked inside I noticed it belonged to the girl who had taken my photo for me earlier. I waited for 15 minutes in case she came back but she didn't so I took it home with me.

I searched on Facebook for her but couldn't find her......

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