Monday, 6 July 2015

My American Adventure: Weekend in Brooklyn part 1

Last year I came to the US during Thanksgiving which was cool. Now I got to see what it's like during the 4th of July, Independence Day. I had an awesome time in Brooklyn on Saturday, celebrating with good soul food which was delicious, beautiful weather, getting down to old school jams and dance routines. It was all good!

The people here really know how to dance! I really loved the company. I met some lovely people and we ended up sharing some of our personal battles and achievements with each other. I left inspired.

After church on Sunday, I went to the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn. I've always heard good things about the area so I wanted to pay a visit. I saw online that they have vintage and second hand shops that buy and sell clothes.

A few weeks ago I set aside new clothes that I had bought several months ago for my trip to New York which no longer fit me. I have lost weight on my waist and hips so unfortunately they're too loose now. Rather than just give them away, I decided to try and sell them, especially because some were brand new, never been worn and good quality. I didn't want to go to a flea market and get pitons for them, but I wanted decent price.

 It took an hour to get to Williamsburg from Long Island. I had to get off at East New York and cross over the road to wait for the L train to Bedford Avenue. I really didn't feel comfortable in East New York. It  looks so rough. They're a lot of homeless people outside the station and because the area has empty warehouses and large buildings, it doesn't look safe to  walk around, especially at night time. It's like those abandoned buildings and areas you see when you're on the train, with broken windows, burnt-out cars etc. I was literally counting the minutes for the train to arrive and pretending like I knew where I was going so I wouldn't call attention to myself.

 I finally arrived at Williamsburg and straight away I thought about my sister. It has a real arty, vintage, hippy, ska feeling to the area; right up her street lol. At first, could only see white and South East Asian people in the area. Very different from the predominantly black and Latino areas I had been too so far.

While on the subject of ethnicity and race, I have noticed that New York has  different interracial relationships to what I see in my city and parts of England. In England, interracial relationships are mainly between black and white people, with some white and Middle Eastern Asians (Indian and Pakistan) or black and Indian but here I have seen much more white and South East Asian (Thai, Singapore, Chinese, Japanese) couples then any other; and I mean A LOT. I find it beautiful to be honest and the diverse ethnicity of our society keeps evolving.

 Anyway, so when I was walking around trying to find the shop, the men reminded me of rock bands like The Killers, The Beatles and Rolling Stones. Some of them even reminded me of Pete Doherty, because of how they were dressed and walked. People are quite fashionable over here but in their own way. No two people were dressed the same. It's a mix between indie, bohemian, vintage classic, hippie, rock, reggae styles. I think i just made reggae style up but you know what I'm trying to say right? Well I hope so.

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