Thursday, 2 July 2015

My American Adventure: Week 5

Hello everyone. It's nice to be back writing again 😊. I've been quite busy this past week, but I have a lot of experiences to share with you all.

This is my fifth week here and I've grown a lot. I've become much more independent, I don't rely on people  like I used to, I'm more focused and becoming thick skinned. America is a tough country and you have to adapt to it otherwise you will break. If you're not prepared to role up your sleeves and work, forget it. However, the hard work opens doors and it's a place of many opportunities.

Being here by myself has shaped me into a new person. I'm grateful for both the good and bad experiences I've encountered so far.

Life here is really busy but enjoyable at the same time.  I spent a few days in Brooklyn last week. I really like Brooklyn. It's vibrant with an energy they attracts me to the place. On Sunday I was invited to attend the morning service at the Universal Church's New York headquarters and I'm glad I went because what was spoken in the service was for me. I needed to hear the messages.

During the service this little beauty (pictured with me below) Nakisha shared her moving testimony, which had me in tears. She was explaining her 7 year battle with a learning disabilities that affected her reading, writing and capacity to understand things, especially at school. Her grandmother spoke to the bishop about it and he advised them to use their faith in God and do a 7 week chain of prayer on Fridays. They followed the advise and today her mind is free. She can finally  spell her name, has started to do well at school  and is understanding things properly. She recently had a test at school and passed with flying colours, with the highest marks in the whole class! After the service I spoke to her for a while and she is such a bright girl. She impersonated my British accent quite well too lol.

Nothing is impossible to those who believe. With God there is a solution.

After the service I hung out with the Youth Power Group (YPG) in Fulton. I love how they welcome newbies into their group even if you're over 25. In fact I met quite a few helpers who are in their early 30s but are part of the youth group. Their maturity and life experience positively impacts and supports the youth.

They are a big group, very funny, lively and down to earth. We had a picnic  (which was so organised and nicely prepared) and I finally ate the famous American peanut butter and jelly sandwich - it's quite nice.

We all challenged ourselves to switch off our phones for 90 minutes. This was so that we could spend real time with real people, without the distractions of Facebook, Instragram, Whatsapp or someone calling us. I had fun. We played old school games like double-dutch, dominoes, uno and other card games.

We learned the importance of breaking away from technology for a while to connect with people face to face and audibly instead of just texting and messaging each other using emojis. It builds healthy relationships.

Many people's communication skills and intellectuality is deteriorating because they do not read books anymore. They don't use their spare time to educate themselves, learn a language or new skill. If we want to get far in life, we really need to invest ourselves and develop.

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