Friday, 29 May 2015

My American Adventure: Being Independent

My first morning in New York and I was up at 4  o'clock in the morning. My body and mind was clearly still in UK mode. I kept myself busy by reading, doing some work and watching Law and Order:SUV (my favourite show) before nodding back to sleep 6 hours later lol.
I didn't plan anything for the day as my main focus was to rest.

I had a nice stroll around the neighbourhood in the afternoon. At the end of the street there are a variety of cafes, restaurants amd bakeries. 10 minutes by foot and I was at the local shopping area that has department stores, more restaurants and shops. Everything is so close.

I loved how people who were sat in their gardens or leaving their houses, waved at me to say hello. It really is a friendly and diverse neighbourhood.

I was thinking about my personal journey leading up to my trip here and how I kept my plans secret until nearer the time. Even then, only my parents and siblings, people at work who needed to know and a few friends were aware that I'd be coming here for the summer.

Not many people knew until I posted it on my social networking sites yesterday. And with some things, it has to be that way. Staying focus on the goal and not boasting about it.

I have learned from experience that there are moments in life when we have to keep things to ourselves and not speak much about it.

When we talk too much we don't get a lot done. Not everyone will be rooting for us or believe in what we are doing. However, when you know what you want and you have the faith to conquer it, nothing and no one can stop you.

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