Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Tea, i love it!

I love a cuppa! Those who know me, know how much I love tea. Growing up, I used to love drinking tea with biscuits. Even in my adult years, I am a self confessed biscuit dunker and love dunking my biscuits – especially chocolate digestives, into my tea lol!

I work in an office at least 7.5 hours a day and for such a long time, I went through at least 5 cups of tea at work, everyday. This did not include the one I would have in the morning before I left the house and the other 2 cups of tea I had in the evening, when I arrived home and before I went to bed. In total I would drink at least 8 cups of tea everyday!

Tea doesn’t contain as much caffeine as coffee but it still does contain a considerable amount. I noticed just how much tea I drank when I went a few days without drinking it and suffered with really bad headaches and felt agitated. Now imagine how someone who drinks a lot of coffee would feel?

Anyway, as I have become more health conscious, I realised I needed to cut down on the amount of black tea I drink and started to drink only 2 cups a day. It was very hard in the beginning but now I am used to it. I drink more fruit and herbal teas as they don’t contain as much caffeine as black tea. In total I rink about 4 cups a day, sometimes only 2 – which is a big change for me.

I also drink more water and hardly drink soft and fizzy drinks.

I’ve learned that we don’t need to cut off our favourite beverages completely, just drink them moderately and have a healthy balanced diet.

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