Friday, 1 May 2015

Life as a singleton

I’m single and I’m loving it! Yes that’s right – I love it! Contrary to what many people think, being single is not a curse! It’s not a shameful thing or something to feel sorry about! For me being single is a time of self discovery. It’s a period in my life where I can invest solely in myself and in my personal goals. I get to know myself, what I want in life (and what I don’t want) and do me really!

There was a time when I used to feel the pressure of having to be in a relationship, settling down with someone and starting a family. A lot people would ask why I wasn’t married yet; why hadn’t  I settled down with anyone and they’ll tell me to be mindful that the biological clock is ticking (even though I’m still in my 20’s)!

Many people end up frustrated and bitter because they give into the pressures of being single and jump into a relationship with anyone who gives them attention. They end up losing themselves into something that is not good for them just so they don’t have to be alone!

When you know and believe in your value and your worth, you don’t settle for this! In fact you don’t settle – you only go for the best because you know you deserve the best! You enjoy being a singleton not because you can date as many people as you want  but because you get to invest more in yourself . You become independent, build up your confidence, have personal achievements and experience life in a way, that when you do find your other half, you will have so much to give to the relationship. You won’t be needy, highly dependant on the other person or always hiding under their wing – but you will add to their life!


  1. I agree Sibon. It's the time to invest and you also start to realise what's really important in a relationship. You never just dive into any relationship because you value who you are.You want the best and also prepare yourself to be at your best.

    1. "prepare yourself to be at your best" - that's absolutely true! Thanks 😊