Sunday, 14 June 2015

My American Adventure: Hudson River, Soho and Tribeca.

On Thursday I walked around Greenwhich Village and parts of Soho and Tribeca. I also had a lovely quiet moment at Hudson River and did a bit of work while I was sat there. I could see the statute of liberty on the other side of the river.

I love getting away from busy atmospheres and environments and going to a quiet place to speak with God and to reflect on recent events.

As I walked around Tribeca, I felt like I had walked straight into nannyville. They were so many nannies with children, playing in the park, buying ice cream, pushing them around in their pushchairs and feeding them. I assumed they were nannies because all the children were white and all the ladies were either black or Hispanic.

It must be a place where nannies take the children to play after school because it was jam packed with children and nannies.

I've always seen in the movies and US sitcoms that nannies and housekeepers were usually Hispanic ladies and it's true . I noticed all of the nannies had foreign accents. There is nothing wrong with that because on one hand I think it's good for the children who probably come from wealthy families, to become comfortable around other races and backgrounds from an early age and can be educated to not be narrow minded towards people that may not come from their social class or racial background.

However, on the other hand I couldn't help but think if sometimes  these women are taken advantage of because of their  immigration status in the country and their limited English as well as being low paid and feeling as if this is all they are good for.

It's very hot in New York at the moment and I'm finally getting used to it. At first I struggled and suffered with headaches and exhaustion because of the hot weather but now I'm in adjusting to it. Carrying water around with me and staying hydrated has helped so much.

I've seen so many people selling bottles of ice cold water, homemade fruit juices and sorbets, taking advantage of the nice weather and making money for themselves at the same time.

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