Thursday, 9 April 2015

Why do most women see themsevles as average?

A friend of mine posted an article about the new Dove -  Choose Beauty campaign on her Facebook page this morning and I found it very interesting.

I read another article about this campaign and the conclusion is that the majority of women class themselves as average rather than beautiful.

I asked myself, why is it that despite so many initiatives, organisations, women’s  groups, self help books, blogs, conferences work tirelessly to empower women to know their worth, value themselves, believe in their existence, follow their dreams, develop their self belief, and so forth, are women still struggling to see themselves as beautiful and special?

Why is it that we are quick to see so much beauty in places, things, animals and other people, but at times we fail to see and embrace the beauty that we possess?

Thinking about this –what springs to mind is that the perception of what real beauty is, what the media, society and the world views as beautiful and attractive had an affect on how we see beauty.

 We think we have to look or dress a certain way to be beautiful. If we’re not following the latest fashion trends, plastering ourselves with with lots of make up, hair extensions or “turning up” to the most popular scenes and places, we are plain, boring and ugly.

I believe that real beauty isn’t always what the eye can see but it is something possessed from the inside and eventually flourishes outside! It is something that we discover within us and as we work on it, it spreads to all areas of our lives. We are all beautiful in our own way and it’s up to us to uncover the beauty that may be hidden amongst so many stones of insecurities, complexes and traumas.

We have to stop following what society deems as beautiful and be our own special kind of beautiful!

Now I understand why many women view themselves as average – because they copy other people, they go with flow and follow the crowd, trying to imitate women of power and influence, instead of finding their own identity and developing it.

Only those who dare to be different, who go against the norm and find the beauty from within, shine and make the difference. I aim to be one of them…what about you?

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