Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A moment of reflection: We've come so far!

As I stood with my eyes closed, in a moment of reflection, all the positive changes that have happened in my life came to mind. It was like a mini before and after slide show was playing about my life. I started to see how much I have changed as a person and how I have grown in confidence, especially towards myself and my abilities. I am not the same woman I was a year ago. I am completely different. And to all those who have invested in themselves, so are you!

It's not because we are in a new month or year that the difference in our lives has happened. The decision we made to be different and live a better life has made it happen. We may not have everything we wish for, nor is our life exactly how we want it to be at this moment in time , but we can't deny that there has been change. Things have developed and so have we.

 Though you may be single right now, remember the decision you made to leave that unhealthy relationship and decided to keep yourself for the right person because you saw your value? Doesn't that say something about you? A woman who knows her worth! You have overcome depression, selling your body for money and pleasure, mixing with the wrong crowd, depending on substances, a traumatic childhood, hurt, low self esteem and many other things. Be proud of yourself. You have done what many people are afraid to do. That makes you strong and different. Keep going.

Remember where you came from, because that will drive you to remain on this road of change until the end, no matter how hard things get. If we have overcome so much already, we can certainly overcome what we are facing now and what is to come. We are strong and we will make it.

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