Sunday, 26 November 2017

My Journey to the New York Bar - Introduction

Today, I am starting a short series sharing with you my journey to the New York Bar.

At the beginning of my bar exam preparation last year, I actually wrote a journal documenting almost everything I went through from making necessary adjustments in my life and to my schedule, battling with feelings and thoughts, experiencing set backs etc. It was quite therapeutic writing down things as they were happening or had just happened.

When people hear I sat and passed the New York Bar exam to qualify as a US lawyer they ask me why? What made me choose this path? What I tell them does not even answer the question fully because during the journey and even as I draw to the end of it, I am discovering that the whole thing is more than just qualifying and being licensed to practice law in certain jurisdictions. It's not even about me, there's a bigger picture to all this.

You know, there are things we are inspired to do but it's only when everything is materialised, that we really discover or understand the reason why we were led to do it. At times, during the process of achieving certain things, who we become as a person during the process, is more important than what we set out achieve.

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