Monday, 12 October 2015

Back after a rejuvenating detox

So, I’m back on social media after a 3 week break away from all forms of social media and secular entertainment such as music and TV. I like to call it a spiritual detox! It was much needed and an awesome time to reflect and work on my relationship with myself, with God and with others. Without realizing, we can be so caught up with what’s going on in the world of entertainment, spending our free time or passing time on social media and neglect time for ourselves, our family and most importantly with God. Just because we are physically among people, doesn’t mean we are actually paying attention to them. Our bodies can be present and our minds elsewhere!

A lot of thoughts, attitudes and ideals are influenced by external factors and sometimes we can get lost and lose our own identity and start adopting attitudes or thoughts that don't originate from us. When I abstain from certain things for a while, I have a chance to  see just how my thinking has been, what has been influencing me, both positively and negatively as well upgrading myself to another level spiritually speaking by eradicating what is not good and filling myself with what is good for me.

The funny thing is despite not watching TV, listening to secular music or accessing my social networking sites, I was not bored, not even for a day! Life was still active but I didn’t miss those things. I spent a lot of time thinking, analysing recent events both good and bad, things I have achieved so far this year and things that I haven’t yet achieved and sought why I hadn’t’ achieved them as well as looking for new ways of doing things so I can achieve them before the end of the  year.

I caught up with a lot of work and had lots of me time around nature and at home. I slept early most nights, because I wasn’t up until late watching my favourite TV programs or catching up with news feeds on Facebook and Instagram!

I have a new mind-set, renewed spirit and looking forward to experiencing different things before the end of this year!

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