Sunday, 13 September 2015

Step back Sunday: Remebering my time at university

Ten years ago this week I moved to a new city to further my studies
at university. I was reminded of my experience today while speaking to 
two young ladies who have been like my little sisters over the years. 

I've known them since they were per-teens and it struck me just how much
time has flown by. Nadia is moving away this week to start her first 
year at university to study law and Starr is going into her final 
year. Both girls are smart and forward thinking and I believe they will do 
very well!
The transition from college to university can be overwhelming and make one feel 
apprehensive. When you move away from home to another city it makes you feel even 
more nervous because your now rolling solo and have a lot of adjusting to do but it's
 exciting all the same.You learn so much about yourself and learn who your real friends are. You meet  different people who will teach you a lot and you start to become independent. 

You have freedom, which can become your best friend or nemesis, depending on how
you use your new found freedom. You set your own rules, plan how your day goes,
 responsible for your own meals, and have the opportunity to mould the way you live
and study. A lot students choose to get caught up in the whole fresher's hype and 
party a lot and get drunk. Even after fresher's week, they spend at least 2 - 3 nights
a week going to nightclubs and drinking. I did this during my first semester at
university until I got bored of it. I did not know God during this time and even before 
I started going to church I started to lose interest in these things. They are many
ways to fun and a really good time without going to nightclubs and drinking excessively.

One thing new students need to remember, which I eventually did is to remember why you
are there - which is to get your degree, so make sure you make time to study and
find a balance between work and play. Oh and keep on top of your student budget!

Be careful with the company you keep and choose friends who you see have a the same
vision and outlook on life as you. A lot of people lose their identity just so they can
fit in with the crowd! Be yourself and don't allow what others are doing or how
they live to make you feel like you have to change to be like them.

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